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Contact Info     Upcycle Birmingham
Unit A2
OYO Business Park, 187 Park Lane,
Castle Vale, B35 6LJ
T: 0121 748 5795

Upcycle Birmingham: bringing new life to furniture, to homes, to people and their communities.

Our Mission

Upcycle Birmingham is the city’s brand new furniture recycling business that helps people transform their homes with affordable, high quality goods.

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From its state-of-the-art unit, Upcycle Birmingham will provide valuable work experience, training and apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of areas.

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Our People

Upcycle Birmingham would not be successful without its fantastic team of volunteers – local people with the determination and drive to improve the community in which they live.

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What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for clearing dad's house, he will be so pleased his furniture will go to people in need" - Pat, Water Orton

"Without Upcycle I wouldn't have been able to furnish my new flat so quickly- I will be back to see what other treasures you have" - Maureen, Castle Vale

“There was lots of really good furniture that I was unable to bring to my new home and that I knew would benefit someone else. Upcycle Birmingham was the perfect solution – I called, the dining room furniture was collected by Michelle and two lovely volunteers, and it was in a new home the following week!” – Mary McDonald, Castle Bromwich